23 12 2007

What is beauty?

Why is the world driven by beauty?

How is it that I know I wouldn’t be single right now if I were out-of-this-world beautiful?

Men will do anything for a beautiful woman. This I’ve come to know.

Maybe I should date a blind guy.




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24 12 2007
Romeo Tuma

Instead of a blind guy, you could try an old guy, hint hint…

24 12 2007

We must pitty those shallow men…How bored they will be when they are old and the beautiful looks have faded and they are left with the shell of a woman who they have nothing in common with and is not very entertaining anymore. Keep searching! The right one will come along when you least expect it.

24 12 2007

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. I’ve been mad for girls most guys wouldn’t give a second glance.

24 12 2007

I agree with Audra!

25 12 2007

Wha? Now, granted, I’ve never met you in person, but I’ve seen a few photos. You are very, very easy on the eyes. So, now I’m confuzzled.

True enough, there are some guys who’ll do anything for a pretty face with nothing behind it. Some gals will do likewise for real live Ken dolls. So? Let ’em. Plenty other folks who will be much more impressed with your wit than your (very) pretty face.

25 12 2007

Gotta be a braille joke in here somewhere. 🙂

25 12 2007

listen here…not only do you have OUTWARD beauty, but more importantly, your beauty comes from the inside. it glows out of you. it completely captures you. it honestly does. you’re more beautiful than even you can imagine. and i bet there are plenty of people who would agree with me.

26 12 2007

You are “out of this world beautiful”. You’re going to need a bunch of other lame-ass excuses to stay single. And, your humor and wit are extraordinary, and you can sing and play piano. What more would any intelligent self respecting guy want! Oh yeah, and we know you can cook! When you’re ready, go find some guy and make him yours. There is already a long line of candidates in-waiting!

27 12 2007

Rumour has it, all the hot chics sit home ’cause most guys are chicken to ask them out, thinking they don’t have a chance. Males I have questioned on this point, aver it to be true. You do the math.

And my short, and now bald and fat best friend always got hot chicas back in the day. He had no fear when it came to asking. Even when they were a foot taller… which was a lot of the time.

29 12 2007
30 12 2007

I guess my big question is… what’s wrong with being single?

3 01 2008

You are a drop-dead beautiful woman. How could you think otherwise?

Lots of other folks making good points here, but sweetie, you just haven’t found the right man yet. Keep looking. He’s out there. Don’t settle. Nothing wrong with being single and happy until you find someone who can make you truly happy being partnered.

9 01 2008

OK. heres the sassy melanie response. The only issue here is your accepting your beauty on a whole. I am not going to patronize your self pity. There is not a woman on this planet that doesn’t feel this way one day or another. I am here to tell you that believing in yourself from the inside is what you need. You darling have a lot to offer. Start looking at those pictures, instead of what you “think” is acceptable.

And that is my slap in your beautiful face. Life stinks. The best revenge is laughing in its face with joy and success. Now, Rock on sistah! You have the power. Just pull out of the tail spin long enough to sit and reflect on all about you that is gorgeous. Not just beautiful. Radiant!

10 01 2008

You are truely beautiful ..inside and out..

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