Christmas decorating… a photo journal.

10 12 2007

Hey everybody!!! Lots has happened this past week, including my mom getting better news than anticipated from her follow-up test: they don’t know why her free kappa/lambdas were so abnormally high, but it’s definitely not multiple myeloma. That makes EVERYTHING better. She has an appointment on Tuesday morning with an oncologist/hematologist to discuss possibilities, but it’s not as bad as we all thought.

Thank God!!!!

So, now that my spirits are basically through the roof at the news that my beautiful momma doesn’t have nasty bone marrow cancer, I thought I’d do a little holiday decorating. Yes, it’s time to put up the tree. But of course, I had to clean first.

My dining room is not so much a dining room as it is a storage space for all the promotional crap I need for job #2. Alas, the dining room is the only logical place to put the tree, so… with a lot of help from my friend Ali (of AliThinks, I tired to link her blog but I’m retarded), we turned this:

dining room

Into this!

dining room clean

So, this is my tree. Of course, I can’t have a normal tree. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the ornaments are not ornaments at all, but tiny liquor bottles that flash red and green!!

finlandia christmastini



There are various other flashy crazy liquor thingies on there, but I have not the attention span required to give them photographic justice. But I should mention that my tree topper is none other than the King of Rock and Roll himself:


Elvis was given to me as a feel-better present by my dear friend Ryan, and I could think of no better place for him than atop the pinnacle of the world’s most bad-ass Christmas tree. He watches over the goings-on of the flashy bottles, wishing beyond hope that he could have just one sip… but no. His job is to stand sentry, to fill the room with the charisma and machismo that only a spangled leisure suit-clad Elvis could bring.

So yes, I know you’re all jealous that you simply don’t possess the world’s most hell-raising, rock and roll, seizure-inducing Christmas tree ever, but I’m sorry. Not everyone can be as cool as I am. And of course, not everyone has unlimited access to various and sundry liquor paraphernalia. 😉